Install HP Printer

Hp printers are used by more than 300 million people all over the world. HP has launched printers for all every user group including home, office, small & big organizations and enterprise. Every hp printer comes with a warrantee. These printers work smoothly and efficiently to provide the best outcome. You can print more and more photos, fun documents, graphics in multiple colours and best quality. Hp printers.

How to Install HP Printers?

If you want to Install hp printer then you can follow these simple steps:

Step 1:
For installing printer, first you need to find out the model number. Search the number model number on the front or back side of the printer.

Step 2:
Download the suitable drivers and enter your hp printer's model number and select the operating system that you are using to download the best driver.

Step 3:
Now follow the instructions mentioned on the package and connect your printer to your computer.

Step 4:
Now turn on your pc and go to start menu and then select control panel. Now go to the hardware option and choose printers and click on add a printer. You will be asked to use the port to install the printer.

Step 5:
Select the brand of your printer. Because you want to install hp so click on hp. Then select the model number and click on next button and allow the wizard to install your printer. Print a test page to make sure it works correctly.

How to Install a Right Driver in Order to Setup HP Printer?

You will need an appropriate driver to install hp printer so follow the instructions and get the right driver.

1. First you need to turn off your computer
2. Now disconnect the device (your printer) from your computer.
3. Then reconnect the device and turn on your pc again.
4. Double click the driver download to extract it.
5. If a language option is given, select the language you prefer.
6. Now you will get the guideline. Follow the directions on the installation program screen and then reboot your computer.